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... Let your Heart beat for Humanity !





…Dedicated to the youths of the world!


You’ve been blessed from above

With too much greatness and abilities

   Waiting to explode

The world needs you

    More than you know

Heaven value your Presence

   More than you think possible

You’ve been endowed with uncanny abilities

   To also make positive contributions to the world

Let your creative genius come alive

And let it give birth to so many countless creative works

    That shall advance the cause of Mankind

You are an unusual being

   Blessed with the genes to excel beyond limits

The brain

    To think of extraordinary solutions

The special abilities

   To do the incredible

And the unique gift

   To become a blessing to the World

Your tomorrow is far greater than your today

   Your future too glorious than imagine

The Youths of the World

The Pride of Today

The Hope of Tomorrow

   The Joy of all Generations

Let the Giant in you be awakened

    And let your positive contributions to Humanity

… Be felt throughout all Generations!








...Dedicated to the Youths to become Ermployers of Labour


The youths of the world
You are too gifted beyond belief
Too great to be held down
Too blessed to be cursed
   Too filled with greatness to remain ordinary
You are a legend in the making
   A giant walking the Earth
Heaven has already blessed your way
   And marked you out for extreme greatness
Your today is great
   But your tomorrow is far greater than your today
Just believe in yourself
For God Almighty , the creator of Heaven and Earth believes in you
That is why He sent you to the world
To become a phenomenon
  And do great things in the world
When there is no job yet
   Don’t wait for a job
Be a job creator
Use your great creative mind , talent , gift to create job for
yourself and millions of people
   And also something special for the world
You are the next big thing
The world has been waiting for
…It is your time now to manifest Globally!







… Dedicated to my fellow writers, to every creative mind and to the entire Human race!


I was told that the pen is mightier than the sword. This much I believe.


Nothing will give me greater pleasure than to see you become one of the greatest men to ever live.


I eagerly look forward to such a glorious day with great expectation. Nothing will give me greater joy than to see you ascend such a glorious pedestrian.


As you blaze forth like lightening. Let your creative juice flow ceaselessly without end; let your blessed hands produce timeless classics.


Let every single word you write be like a mighty drop in an ocean that will send ripples throughout the whole world and throughout the whole universe.


Let every sentence you write touch every heart, every soul, every mind, every creature known and yet unknown and let it bring them to life.


Let your creative genius come alive like a thunderbolt and let it bring forth uncountable creative works that shall forever bless the entire Human race.


Let your spirit and soul ascend into amazing, dazzling, overwhelming realm of glory and let it baptize the world with incredible things.


Let the brilliance of your great deeds touch every living soul on earth, let it be forever recorded in eternity and let it change lives and destinies forever.


Let your great, glorious name ring a bell in every creature of the  earth, let it be like a sweet song to every ear and let it be forever engraved in the hearts of men forever.


Electrify the world with your incredible brilliance. Take the world into another realm of glory and redefine the true meaning of the word greatness.


Let your spirit soar above time and space, travel a billion years into time to bring great things that lies in the future into the present for the world to enjoy and be blessed with forever.


Be a symbol of hope to many. An icon of possibilities to billions of people and a Hero of glorious change to the world.


Take the lead like a true born leader, be a trailblazer and chart a new course for mankind that shall lead to a journey of unending glorious discoveries globally.


Become a phenomenal, inspirational figure to the world, let your greatness inspire billions of people to incredible heights of greatness and glory never experienced or envisaged by mankind before.


Become a god, for indeed ye are gods and sons of the most high.


And above all, seek to be one with God, one with nature, one with the Human race and make sure you leave giant footprints in the sand of time that shall never, ever be equaled in time.








Teach them the value of making use of their great mind

   For in their minds lies divine ideas that can revolutionize the world for the better

Teach them to make God their best friend

   For He is the greatest friend they can ever have

Teach them the great value of prayers

   For with this power they can move the hands of God and change the course of their lives forever for the better

Teach them that they are not the product of accident

   For they were born for a great purpose and the purpose shall be gloriously fulfilled

Speak no negative words into their lives

   For it will affect them negatively

But prophesy and speak positive words into their lives

And like flowers

   Watch them blossom and grow to be greatly appreciated in the world

Teach them that they can impact the world positively if only they believe

   For all things are possible to him that believes

Teach them to be great men and women in the world

   That shall live to add great value to the world and to humanity in general

Teach them that they have a great future ahead of them

   And tell them to launch into the future with great confidence

Teach them that they have great treasures inside of them

   That the world is waiting for to be blessed with

Please, tell them to do me a favour

   Tell them to make a great mark in the world

And leave a great legacy behind

   For that is what they owe God and man

Also teach them to walk along the path of greatness

   For they were created for amazing greatness and glory

Above all,

Don’t only teach them

   But also love them, Cherish them, Treasure them, Appreciate them,

And take very good care of them

   ...For they are God’s precious gifts to our lives!